Dental Implants

If you’ve been told you can’t have implants, you need to see Dr. Wardius.

Traditional dental implant procedures incorporate two-stage implant placement techniques, which require the patient to go through two separate surgeries and healing times. Dr. Wardius’ Advanced 3D Approach allows him to perform dental implant procedures in one surgical visit, saving the patient time and money. Because of his leading-edge technique patients are able to enjoy a 100% natural looking smile and be able to eat all the foods they love – in as little as one day.

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Affordable Dental Implants

Understanding Dental Implant Costs

When reviewing and comparing costs for dental implants, it’s important to consider that dental implants are “medical devices” which require a skilled dental professional and that the placement of dental implants is both art and science. You are, in fact, buying a service rather than a product – a service that can change your life and give you permanent teeth that will last a lifetime. Dr. Wardius has extensive training in placing and restoring dental implants.


What’s Included in Dental Implant Costs?

Initial Consultation. The the first time you meet with your doctor is extremely important. Much of the planning for the rest of the treatment will be done during the first consultation. Dr. Wardius will assess the health of the teeth and jaw bone. You will also need diagnostic imaging during this visit (usually a panoramic X-ray). X-rays are absolutely necessary for this procedure, and you may not want to trust a professional who will do an implant without them.

Surgery. After the initial consultation, you are scheduled for surgery. Dr. Wardius will place the dental implant(s). Patients may have the option to place a temporary tooth/teeth while the implant is healing.

Follow-Up Appointment. After 3-6 months, when the implant(s) are fused to the natural bone, Dr. Wardius will take new impressions and prepare a strong, permanent tooth or set of teeth adjusted to a perfect fit. This will give you the strongest, most esthetic outcome possible and our patients are always amazed at how they look and feel.

General Anesthetic. Some patients may choose to undergo general anesthetic during the dental implant procedure, meaning the patient is asleep for the whole procedure. Dr. Wardius works with Professional Anesthesia of North America, who will be present for the entire surgery. If you feel Sleep Dentistry is a good option for you, talk to us about it at your consultation.

Bone Grafts. Occasionally, bone grafting will be necessary if there is insufficient bone. Dr. Wardius’ advanced techniques allow him to place bone graft and dental implant in the same visit. This saves our patients months of healing time and not needing additional surgeries.

Material. The types of material used in the crown can make a big difference in price. Crowns made of composite or resin are the least expensive, and are considered temporary, although some offices promote them as permanent crowns. Porcelain Ceramic and the new Zirconia materials are much more esthetic, stronger, and can last a life time, which are the reasons they are preferred by our patients. The advantages of these materials far outweigh the additional costs.


Dental Implants are More Cost Effective than Root Canals

Considering a Root Canal?

Visit to learn more about why Dr. Wardius is opposed to Root Canals.

“Aside from the toxic concern, Patients are always coming into our office with failed, re-infected root canaled teeth that need to be extracted and have the infection cleaned out. Many patients come in with their crown in their hand because the root canal weakened the tooth causing it to eventually break. The only solution for these patients is a dental implant. (Dr. Wardius) always feels bad because the patient has already spent so much money on the root canal, post, and crown, all wasted money. It is always best and most cost effective to have a tooth needing a root canal extracted and an implant placed. Long term there is no comparison in price! The implant lasts longer than anything we can do in dentistry”

-Dr. E. Robert Wardius

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